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This week I inspected a $600K home built in '03. Beautiful place in a golf course community. I found a vertical crack in the poured foundation that had been repaired by means of epoxy injection. In my area this is the appropriate method of repairing this. The wall was only 4 ft tall with wood studded wall above. The owner was not present and the agent over-nighted my report to him. He gives me a call and asks a hundred questions. I try to assure him that this is the proper fix- I even told him that I have had this fix applied to one of the homes I built. I further went on in the report to give him the name of the concrete contractor for the foundation and suggested that he contact the company and let them know that you have bought the home, ask about the crack, get their response, and be on record for any future warranty work should it become necessary. Yesterday I get a call from the buyer’s agent and she said he is backing out of the deal. She said that they walked in and immediately said we will take it and wanted the home. She is afraid that this is a case of “buyer’s remorse”.

I feel that I was correct in reporting it as I did. The seller called and disagreed with me. How would everyone have reported this?

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Speaking of cracks....Here's a beautiful structural issue I ran into last week....
Usually that Home Depot spectacular foam filler works real well.

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indicates that its this persons money BUYING the house. That means that the product has to satisfy their wants and needs. If a previously repaired foundation crack (assuming it was a professional repair) scares them out of buying a house - so be it. Its their money and their decision.

In my area if a foundation crack scared you out of buying a home - you wouldn't be buying a home because they all have cracks of some kind.

You might want to remind the seller THAT if he/she had disclosed it then it was already known (I'm guessing they didn't disclose the previous repair or you reporting on it would not be an issue). I'd remind the AGENT that you're a little mad that after all your hard work in inspecting the house the AGENT wasn't a good enough sales person to hold the deal together and let it fall apart (shame on THEM).