Ethics and Conflict of Interest

After inspecting the home and performing the transaction fee with the Client, the Realtor asks for a copy of the written report when it is completed. I calmly tell the Realtor that the gathered information during the inspection is solely for the Client. I provide a 4 digit code to the Client so only they have access to the report. I send the report via e-mail to the Client containing a link to the report. When the Client clicks on the link they can only access the report by entering the 4 digit code provided. This provides security and discretion. The report can be downloaded as a pdf file. I would also add a disclaimer such as “The Client has sole access to the inspection report. If the Client wishes to share the report with other parties then it is solely up to the Clients discretion and the inspection company is absolved from all shared activity conducted during the inspection and documented within the report, which was solely compiled for the Client alone.”

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