Regarding providing a copy of the report to agents and the seller....

The following comments assume your client is the buyer:

I’ve been reading threads here and there regarding whether or not inspectors should provide a copy of the report to their client’s agent or not.

Even in states where you are specifically prohibited from giving the report to anyone but your client, the client’s agent and the client’s attorney are still considered by the courts to be “the client.”

However, to be safe, you should generally try to get your client’s permission to give his/her representative the report. This may be difficult when the representative shows up at the inspection without your client. In such cases, the fact that your client sent his/her representative to the inspection is implied permission to give the report to the representative.

It is interesting to note that in Pennsylvania, even the seller is entitled to a copy of the inspection report from your client. This from the PA home inspection law:

InterNACHI’s post-inspection survey works great for getting these permissions (in writing).

If you write a robust report, it is in your best interest (from a marketing standpoint) to get a copy of your report (with permission from your client of course) into as many hands (agent’s and seller’s) as possible.

Since I do on-site reports and pictures on CD, I always print off an extra copy for my client/buyer. They can give it to their agent if they choose. this has been working for me since I started 9 years ago. Other inspectors should not have a problem in doing this. I have e-mailed reports to buyer’s reps via e-mail, and also copy the client to let them know officially. As long as the language is in your agreement, and in the reports (as mine are) you should be OK. For out of town buyers, there should be no problem in giving the reports to their agent. Again, the language should be in the report also, in case it gets “passed around”.

This is the statement I have in my agreement.

Client Agrees to permit Inspector to release Inspection Report to clients Realtor/Broker by initialing here :______