Customer giving report to realtor

Well, congratulate me for booking my first paid inspection. However, the first words out of my customer’s mouth was “We need to do this fast so I can give the report to my realtor”. What exactly is the procedure on the privacy of the report? It is to my understanding that it is for my customer and customer only. How do I “fend off” the customer and realtor from giving the realtor a copy of the report? Or why shouldn’t I give the customer permission to share the report? Any input would be grealty appreciated.

This has been discussed a lot. You should search the board for similar discussions. However, I want my clients to show it to their Realtor in hopes that the Realtor will like it and refer future clients of theirs to me.

My agreement has an “opt out” clause in it. Unless they direct me not to, I email their Realtor a copy of the report. (Nobody has ever opted out yet.)

For the deal to work, the client has to be able to discuss the findings of the inspection with their Realtor, who will in turn negotiate repairs on behalf of their client (and yours).

Once it’s paid for it belongs to the client. And they can do whatever they wish with it. The only reason for the disclaimer about “solely for the client”
is to keep a third party from using the information against you some how.

Don’t worry about it…everybody passes them around. What the hey, it’s more exposure for you. Everytime someone sees your name…

It can be a good thing.

Oh, sorry…congratulations!


It is more important that YOU don’t give the info to anyone other than the client (and whom they give you permission to talk to).

This will come in handy to get those folks off your back when you don’t want them there. :slight_smile:

Check the standard Agreement of Sale in your area. Here in PA, I think it gives the seller and their agent the right to the report.

I always ask the Client’s permission to forward the report to their agent via email at the same time I send it to the client. No one has ever declined since they need to provide the info to the realtor for negotiating purposes anyway.

I cannot see the harm in the Client’s agent having a copy, and it makes everyone’s life easier.

I had a couple of clients this year that were way out there in left field!!!

They didn’t want their agent to get the report. :-o

Now I have the client initial the statement in the agreement.
I will only give info to the clients agent (regardless of the agreement) unless I receive written permission. I do not want anyone claiming I blew the deal they were working on because I talked! $$

I keep the clause in, which also includes permission to others.
I will NOT release info or talk to anyone in any event without the clients knowledge. I have them initial the release to “all” to save time. If during a phone call when the client is at the airport, they want me to talk to the HVAC guy. I have the permission (in writing)!

If they decline to allow me to talk with anyone, they will have to get to a computer and email me a release first.

I give my client two copies of their report because most buyers Realtors would also like a copy. I give the report to my client and let them give their Realtor a copy.

No big deal…

Congrats !

I have been getting the following comments lately.

“You’re reports are the most professionally written that I’ve seen.”
“I picked you out of the internet because your website convinced me that you care.”
“You are a gentleman and I will be using you more often.”
“You treated our customer extremely well, so we’ll be using you for all our future 4 point inspections.”
“You came through in the final hour and really saved our closing date.” These people had been stood up twice by other Inspectors. Even the Realtor was doing flip flops.
My goal is to do it better than those around me…That’s Marketing.

Congrats on booking your first inspection. It’s a big milestone.

DO NOT let your customer rush you through the inspection. That’s when you start missing stuff…

Don’t worry about your report getting out to others! It’s good advertising. YOU don’t want to be the one passing it out without your client’s permission.

I usually ask the Buyer to busy themselves with other things while I’m poking and proding. I explain that in reality my job is really boring to those looking over my shoulder. I will then go over each and every item of concern when I’m finished. I’ve even handed a pad of paper and a pen to pesky buyers so that they can jot down items they are concerned about. Kinda like putting them on the hunt so to speak. I’ve not been caught by surprise by anyone yet. When they say something like “I noticed the bathroom door didn’t close right” I go to my page with interior doors and point out my notes regarding the misaligned hinges or the improperly routed and chisled lockset. It keeps me as the expert and the buyer as the amateur. I’d much rather they busy themselves and let me work alone. I did have one funny experience though.
Three women, Realtor, Buyer and Seller were following me everywhere. We went out to the detached garage. I opened the door and walked in stopping to check the door and the light switch while these three clucked right along behind me. Suddenly I heard a blood curdling scream and three sets of feet running for the yard. Fearing the worst I turned and was face to face with a beautiful Yellow Rat Snake about six feet long. I held my hand out and he wrapped around my arm. I walked out and explained that he was a good snake and let them handle him though they were very aprehensive about it. I then asked the seller if she wanted her snake back in the garage. “NO” so I asked the buyer if she wanted the snake in the garage since she was closing in a couple days. “NO” so I asked the realtor if she wanted to take him home with her. I released him in the field behind the house. The three ladies didn’t follow me for the remainder of the inspection.

I actually encoursage the buyers to tag along if they are interested. This way I can explain maintenance tips, things to look for in the future, and educate them about their home and the components.

It is all repeated in my report, but I answer all of their questions and - in the end - they feel like someone really took the time to address their every concern. It is part of my overall approach and marketing, and it ites in very well iwth my referral rewards.

I have been stumped on occasion (I do not know everything) and I am not afraid to say so - the buyers appreciate the honesty rather than some BS (which comes off soundling like BS) and I always include enough research on the item in question or solicit some professional opinions which are included for informational purposes. It makes me appear to be going the extra mile.

Do they go faster when I don’t have a client present? Sure. But it is their inspection, and I believe they are entitled to follow and ask as many questions as they can come up with…I would if I were plunking down $500K on a home.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I always require my buyers to tag along with me. I have a lot to show them and don’t want to be going back to any areas in question. I’m a talker (ask my wife) and a joker (to relieve the tension of buying a home) and love the attention I get from my client and their family.