Evenings and Weekends

Hi All,

Just a question around your work schedule. Last year we stopped working Sundays and it made no difference in the number of inspections we do a month. I’m curious about what others work schedule is like.

Do you work evenings and weekends?

If so do you charge a bit more for the convenience it offers the client?


i never do evenings (cuz my kids)…but weekends yes

I work weekends and into the evenings because my competition does not. Sets me apart from the other guys. I book the odd weekend off for myself but I also figure it is better then letting them get the inspection.

Many times in the evening as some of the Client’s work during the day. I do however try to keep Sunday free to catch up on anything. No! I never have charged extra for evenings.

I work every waking hour of my life. I love to work. I love it more than anything. Leisure time sucks.

I work nearly every weekend, and the occasional evening, and don’t charge extra for this.

RE is 24 - 7

I work most weekends unless my swimming pool demands my presence. Also take vacations regardless of client demand for inspections.

M-F 8-2…The rest of the time is for my family…or the boat…or the golf course…or the hot tub…:smiley:

I work to my clients schedule.

yes GOLF…when the snow melts, that’s my new schedule :mrgreen:

You need medicine!
I’m 61 and my inspections are my leisure time.
I know I’m ill , but I actually love it.
I’m helping people and gettin’ paid for it.
How can it be any better?

Last year I worked week-end. Now, I rarely work them anymore and get home usually around 5:30pm. I’ll give my employees the choice to work week-ends, but I told them from the beginning that I want a family life and I want them to have one too. If they want to make extra cash, I’ll book them but they are on their own (we use the team inspection approach). If they don’t want it, I won’t feel bad.
So far, it has not hurt my business, but it sure has helped my family life! I love working too, but love my family more.

I like money. Never saw a coin or paper money I didn’t like.

With winter down time, slow times, snow days, etc. … I work most Saturdays, every other Sunday BUT my time is very valuable SO the appointment times are 10 and 2 period. Don’t do nights … after 5pm is reserved for a drink and relaxed entertainment and happy hour at Bazooka’s or Sugar Babies or LaBare.

Also I have several Do’s & Don’ts … Like I don’t go out in sub-zero weather OR if its pouring rain OR if its heavily snowed AND all roads aren’t cleared yet OR if its freezing and icey OR on days if its over 98 degrees.

Everyone has priorities and so do I

Exactly, and if I wasn’t working on an inspection I would be working on marketing, taxes, etc., so I may as well be making money:D

I love to work the weekend… NO TRAFFIC!

Roy Lewis, you YOUNG whippersnapper! I’m much older and work in 5 jusrisdictions of which 4 are in North America! Weekends or Nights? Always available!