Weekend Inspections

Hi there,
I’m in the process of doing my due diligence regarding part time home inspection.
The thing is I may only be able to do it on the weekends.

Any of you inspect only on the weekend?
If so, mind sharing some general details, i.e. how many you typically book, etc.

Basically want to see if focusing only on weekend inspections is doable/worth it


Much depends on your geographic area and Clients. I have had several students who went on to doing only Friday, Saturday, Sunday inspections while they continued at their full time jobs “before they retired”. They did this to build their part time inspection business into full time. Others do only evening inspections - they are in a heavily populated market where people start with “basic/starter” homes and “move up” as family grows or finances permit. Some inspectors cater to a “specific” group of Clients. One comes to mind - he inspects on Sunday, never on Friday after noon-time or on Saturday. He has a very high Jewish Clientele. None of the other inspectors in his area will do Sunday inspections.
So - yes, you can be a “weekend warrior inspector” if you wish to make that your business model.


I receive more calls for evening inspections than weekends.


Thank you, Thomas
Very helpful information!

Thank you, Joseph.
That feedback is very helpful and much appreciated!

Just remember to add extra $ for weekend inspections. If you work all week like most do, a weekend inspection is worth an additional fee.

Thank you, Scott.
Appreciate the advice.