Ever see a Radon Mitigation System like this?

I have never seen a mitigation system using anything but PVC pipe. Is this an adequate system or does it look homemade? I didn’t see an in-line fan or where it was exhausting to.

Has anyone ever seen a system installed with ducting over pvc before?

Are you sure it’s supposed to be for radon mitigation? It looks like a a DIY air intake. Either way, it’s should should make it to “funny things that inspectors find”…

Lol yea it’s a radon system. The agent is making my radon tester retest because the fan wasn’t plugged in. I told them they need to install a new system that this isn’t a proper system. I didn’t even see a fan to plug in unless they are talking about the oscillating fan on the floor

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Totally incorrect. Wouldn’t even bother with a retest until a proper mitigation is installed. Look up “proper radon mitigation system” and send it to the agent. You’ll be wasting your radon tester’s time otherwise.

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Retest costs money! Is the agent going to pay?

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That’s some funny stuff right there. I would not retest Unless they Paid me. And then I would tell them that is not a radon mitigation system and it would be in their best interest to freshen up on radon mitigation systems.

Even if there was a legitimate radon system, and the fan was off, it is definitely not our job to turn the fan on. I sure would not turn the fan on. Nor would I go back and retest for free if this were the case.


Looks like the oscillating fan just happens to be stored there. I suppose that could be a mitigation system and just has not had a fan installed. I see no reason to retest if there is no “Real” fan in the system. If there is a fan in the system and it was unplugged… Why was it unplugged? “Things” that are unplugged should be treated gust like breakers, gas and water valves that are turned off. If there is a mitigation fan “Someone” other than the inspector should be the one taking on the liability of plugging something in that may be unplugged/shut off for a reason.

If the agent thinks plugging in the oscillating fan is going to do anything, that just further enforces the stereotype and the reason some question the thought possesses going on in the typical agent’s brain.

www.epa.gov/radon has the consumers guide to radon reduction. I send it to all of my clients that order a radon test. This guide explains the methods for mitigation.

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There are ‘passive’ radon systems that require only a fan to become ‘active’ (usually new construction). Fans are required to be outside the conditioned portion of the home for active systems. There will be a water manometer on an active system to indicate suction from an operating fan. I don’t see any of those things so the agent is a dope and can buy their own Radon Test.