What the Heck is this?

Anyone know what this thing is? It was next to the furnace and water heater.




Radon mitigation fan and vent.

It does not look professionally installed.

appears to be the fan/blower unit for a radon remediation



Do you think it is “hooked-up”, or just pre set for mitigation?

I didn’t see anything going up through the attic?

Oh, Oh

Report the existence of the unit and recommend evaluation by a Radon mitigator.
BTW-the cracks in the floor should be sealed for the system to work correctly.

Usually… when Mitigation systems are solely prepped for “New Construction”, the fan unit is not installed. It’s simply a pipe installation penetrating the concrete floor. Roughly 1 to 2 feet high.

Whenever you observe a fan placement and piping above it, this should be an indication that the mitigation was meant to be operating.

Where does that upper piping end?

This is a radon mitigation system. However, all fan units are to be installed in either a garage, attic, or on the outside of a house. Never in a living unit space.

The process in which radon entry is controlled is referred to as mitigation. Radon can effectively be controlled and lowered in homes with elevated methods. Though there are many different ways to mitigate the house, Active Soil Depressurization (ASD) is the most common and very effective.
The Active Soil Depressurization concept is quite simple. In the lowest level of the home a penetration is made into the sub-slab. Soil and/or stone is removed through the cored hole.

A series of pipe is run vertically and exits the conditioned area.

Once entering unconditioned space being the exterior or the attic, a fan is installed in series with the piping and is exhausted in a safe manner. (according to the EPA Requirements.

In addition radon entry points will be sealed, and post testing will be done to ensure that the mitigation system is drawing only the gases beneath the slab.

An Active Soil Depressurization system is quite affordable. The ASD will lower radon levels 99.9% of the time.

Radon Mitigation in new Construction

Building a new home? Passive mitigation system can be installed quite inexpensively while under construction. A passive mitigation system will prepare you to activate (install a fan) inexpensively and effectively.
First a hole is cored though the lowest level slab.

Then a series of piping will travel through the stud walls into the attic.

In the attic, space will be made for the fan, and electrical provisions will be left (optional), and the pipe will exhaust through the roof


Like it any idea what the fan cost is .
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Very educational. Thanks!!


do these fans usually run constantly, or only when radon hits a certain level?


Could that explain what this pipe was coming out of the house? Also, it was plugged in even though I didn’t see it through the attic.



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Continuous. They run between 15 and 150 watts typically depending on what’s needed.

Anything else would require a very expensive control and monitoring system.

I concur with Michael, it’s a full time fan. And I always inform my clients that the monthly electric consumption is not drastic.

Great info Dave, Thanks !