Ever seen this before?

Hi Folks,
I came across this setup to a garage and the 2nd pic is the subpanel. The neutral and ground are attached to the support cable where it exits the house from the breaker protected load center, while only one ground/neutral buss in the subpanel. The only ground located was the water pipe. Any answers are appreciated.
By the way, the garage door opener has electric eyes attached to the ceiling!
Thanks, Ralph

HI071007 017.jpg

Copy of HI071007 014.jpg

Firstly, it looks like NMC that is coming out of the garage and going to that arial drop. NMC is not rated for the location it is being used at…but maybe it is my eyes and it is UF cable…lol

This smells of a Handyman to me…but alas they are everywhere I guess.

I can’t tell but it looks like the drop is bending against the overhang…but again I cant see it very clear.

I guess what would concern me is the size of the change over from air conductors to the NMC that runs down the wall…which looks like 10 AWG at best…you have to take into account the size of the main OCPD that is feeding this garage which I assume at the standard dwelling…if it has its own drop it clearly was not inspected…so the FUSE is the smaller conductors from the attachement point to the panel itself…so whats the fuse sizes in the panel and are they going to protect that 10 AWG…those cartridge fuses on top look larger than a 30A…:wink: