This doesn't look correct

Fellow on lookers and cohorts,

        Looked at a new construction home today and when entering the electrical panel in the garage, I saw something I didn't like. In professional opinions, what does it look like to you? What say ye oh wise ones?

Copy of 1311 Catherine Dr. Opelika, AL 004.jpg

What, in particular, didn’t you like?

The white wire that is wrapped under the main power wires. Does it need to be contacting the main wires comming into the panel?

It looks like they were not consistent with breaker types (manufacturers). Can’t tell without reading them.

Neutral wire is running a bit close to the main lines. It is a bit of a sloppy spaghetti mess. Could have been a home-owner special install!?

New Construction home

Looks like all GE to me.

This is a sub-panel. The neutrals from those GFCBs/AFCBs need to get over to the neutral bar.
They could have put them on the other side of the panel for neatness.

No, it doesn’t need to be, but that’s a workmanship issue. No hazard.

How close do you think those wires are from the pole? Its sloppy but it looks ok to me.

The only wire I see that has white paint on it is going to a power rail. It might just be a sloppy painter since this does not seem to be intentionally “identified”. Where is the service disconnect and is this being fed with 4 wires? Where is the main bonding jumper? We need a better picture of the panel and the enclosure feeding this one to really evaluate it.

I see 4 wires, don’t you? Appears to be fed with SER.

Yup, I pasted to my picture program and blew it up. I see the ground.