Electric panel help needed

Here’s an electric panel that is perplexing me, and I’d like some help with it. Unfortunately, I was not at this inspection, and the inspector who did it is out in the boondocks in western Colorado or somewhere like that. I hate working from pictures alone.



ep 1.jpg

Looks like a sub panel. I’ve seen an older one like this one that only had a neutral bus bar, so the ground conductors terminated inside the panel.:|.) Most of the conductor ends were touching the panel, too.:margarit:

Nice paint job RR:D
It appears the the neutral bar is bonded to the panel, can’t tell from the photo if the grounds are tied down or not.

It is a subpanel. The main panel, which only had a service disconnect in it, is out at the meter. This was a large townhouse.

Ooooooooops. I hope Jeff Pope doesn’t see that.

You like that? One of the “best” I’ve seen recently, and I didn’t even have the privilege of actually seeing it. Darn.


Firstly, It is a “Sub” panel because of the attempt to seperate the grounded and grounding conductors…however can’t verify the 4th wire in the images so I will leave that to you…or who ever inspected it.

Second, other than it being installed wrong…the Split Bolt used here is not designed for the number of wires inside of it…that split bolt connector is designed for (2) wires only…

Third, you know about the overspray issues in here as well as the missing Ko's....thats a given.....

Also I would assume…( now thats assuming ) that this is a 12 circuit panel…but the number of ACTUAL OCPD’s within this panel would exceed the rating of the panel…you know tandoms could as (2) OCPD devices…so without knowing the actual listing number…that could be another thing…

Also not to mention the attempt to use a half opened KO as a connector…is also another issue…

In the end…DEFER…:slight_smile:

There was never any question about that.

It’s that split bolt connector that I was most unsure of, not to mention the fact that I didn’t know the terminology.

As always, thanks.

No problem my brother…but if I am ever in California…I’ll have one of those DRINKS you speak of…:slight_smile:

I would simply recommend replacement of that panel, regardless of what you want to call it.

Sorry, I’ve been out working all morning. This was my first opportunity to visit the MB :smiley:

That was close.

Also, the Split Bolt is also called a Bug Nut, or Servet which was the trade name for that product long ago, and we also find Burndy who makes them too.

Thanks, Joe.

Lots forget the KO’s and it could use a sharpie or somthing :o