Everyone vote for website of the year please.

I agree - but still for this year I’ll stand by my vote, besides, how you gonna know if it’s professionally designed or not?

This is a great work in progress…
Owner designed, edited continually…

Week 3, July 2006: http://www.restassuredinspection.com

How about SEO and traffic visits?
What good is a pretty page if nobody sees it?


I’ll break the Ego Trip trend, momentarily, and vote for “best dressed” even though the link images are blocked on my rig.

Week 1, April 2006: http://www.prostarinspections.com

All are deserving of Honorable Mention, except the one that does not appear to be active.

Back to the EGO TRIP for second place:

Week 2, July 2006: http://www.adairinspection.com

Week 4, February 2006. www.priorityonehomeinspections.com

how are 2007 weeks on the list already?

1 vote…

Week 4, January 2007: http://www.certifiedhi.com :oops:

You have to love the Canadian look!!:stuck_out_tongue: :wink: Week 2, January 2007: http://www.crookerhancox.com

We are voting on the web sites done in 2006…
Hold your horses boys… the 2007 web site vote will
be next year…:mrgreen:


vote for me


I vote for Carl’s webpage. :slight_smile:


It’s original, not cookie cutter.

I like K. Kenny’s too - very mellow color scheme.

Lots of very nicely done sites.

I know I won’t win website of the year, again…

But, what the hell. I’m throwing my website URL in the hat anyways.


You are all winners in my book. Some very nicely done sites.

I think, I already win ahead of time website of the week :smiley:

Week 2, March 2007: http://www.homeinspections4u.biz

Hi to all,

I vote for:


Shame about the soppy Newt though. :mrgreen:



Although everyone has a nice website I vote for mine. (As soon as nick posts it) & changes my old domain to my new one posted at Week 1, January 2004: to


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: %between%

And all this time I thought it was a Skink, Gerry, thanks for clearing that up.:mrgreen: