Exhaust air near heat pump

Would you guys agree that the location of this exhaust vent could cause ice buildup on the heet pump due to condensation?

exhaust is from what .
Is this a private home exhaust .
How often does it run and for how long
What area is this in.

oops, sorry.

the exhaust air is from the air exchanger of the house. Located in snow country (quebec) and both machines are in constant use.

I wish it was a little further away .
I see no big concerns they could install and air deflector .

I would write it up as needing further evaluation by a HRV mechanic .
This should remove you from any complaints .

ok thanks

No problem from what I see.

The heatpump condenser unit is looking for heat and the HRV exhaust can provide some. HRV’s should be off during summer but even then, I don’t see a problem with that vent location.

The exhaust needs to be further away from the corner according to good practice. This is to minimize high pressure due to wind according to again “Good Practice in HRAI Guidelines.”
Since the exhaust will be near freezing in the winter time it can condense and freeze on objects around it. First part that will freeze will be the corner of the Heat Pump.
I however see that they have installed a back flow dampening hood. That will also freeze shut in the winter and is not recommended for this application.

Yes kevin you’re right. The exhaust should be at least 3 feet from the corner according to the manufacturer (Fantech). I have a feeling that the warm air from the exhaust could cause some condensation to occur but to what extent, I don’t know. At least, it’s not a dryer exhaust. I was just about to get to that point in my report. I’ll insert a note regarding the possible issues.

Thanks for all of your inputs.