Exhaust Vent near soffits

I inspected a home with the Microwave exhaust vent coming out of the exterior wall 18 inches below the attic soffit vents. I can’t find any local code in Montana stating the distance from the exhaust to soffits. This is a brand new home.
My concern is that the vacuum effect in the attic will pull the exhausted air, and moisture, into the soffit vents and in the attic bays.
Any suggestions on how to write this up in my report?

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I don’t think I would write it up, as you described it. It seems like any microwave exhaust, that made it to the soffit vents, would continue up and out the ridge vent, IMHO.


What state are you in and what year the home was built?

I agree with Larry, not an issue. Recirculating vents blow in your face…outside is a better choice. But of course you can recommend anything you want. You can also do a building code deep dive and see if it was allowed in your state/area at the time of construction. The manufacturer may also have clearance requirements.

In GA, the requirement is they go to the outside, be of smooth pipe and have a backdraft damper.


Thank you!

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Sounds good. Thank you for the information, I appreciate the experienced feedback.

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Thank you, I will skip it on the report.

Agree with above.
As an FYI and for future reference when trying to decide upon including something in your report…
We’ve all heard the term ‘nit-picky inspector’. This would be an item that fits that statement.
‘Technically’ it may be wrong, but it’s really a non-issue and not worth your time dealing with it, because nobody else will.