Exhaust vent

Is this vent installed properly? I called it out for being installed improperly. Saying the side flaps should be under the shingles and caulked to avoid water intrusion. Roofer says no. Am I right or wrong?

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I’m new and if I saw this, I would have called it as improper installation, it appears to be a water penetration issues. The manufacturer’s instructions may have a different opinion and it may be sealed properly buy I would call it too !!

You’re right, roofer wrong. The sides of flashing should be under shingles.

Ask the roofer if he is going to semi-annually monitor the exposed caulking/nails.

Thanks guys I needed this to show client the roofer is his “friend” and believes him. I also called out that he covered ridge vent cut out with the roof felt nullifying the vent. I attached a pic of that. Great friend eh!

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This is a vent pipe, but same idea.