Roof vent installation

anyone besides me find this vent installation odd?

Misc 007 (Small).jpg

Very odd, maybe the guy sells them?

What was in the attic below the vent?

You get much snow in your area?

Possibly “high” side down. In other words it may have been installed backa$$wards.

I think its installed the right way, but perhaps the vent is a little to high in relation to the ridge.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

There were six vents installed the same way. Here is another picture----two of the vents are out of the picture. I can’t tell you anything about the inside of the attic. I saw the vents just driving by, and just had to take the pics.

Misc 008 (Small).jpg

The only thing I noticed is that there are more vents then I usually see for a home that age.

Erol Kartal

Doug is correct. It’s bass ackwards.:roll:

Not backwards, just installed on the wrong side of the gable…:slight_smile:

Just another observation is they are all installed on the front of the house. Typically, we would install them on the rear side of the roof (along with any plumbing stacks whenever possible) on the back side of the roof to give a clean roof line. Judging from the second photo, it would be my guess this may be a homeowner installed “setup”. If he had just gone over the ridge and installed them they would be installed properly. Oh well, I can’t see them from my house so its okay.

i also beleive it’s installed correctly, and all we see is the weather cap over a much smaller vent and roof penitration. the angle on the low side acutualy helps water from pitching on a negative angle as it would if that were 90*. i’ve seen several styles that all share the same ideas.

From a manufacturers installation instructions

Take “possibly” and “may” out and you’re good to go. :wink:

Concur, but never having seen this particular roof vent for myself I could not be 100% certain. It simply looks to be upside down to me . Logically it only makes sense to me for the sloped end to be on the top rather than the bottom. If installed with the sloped end at top the hot air isn’t trapped under the cowling as it will be if the 90 degree end is at the top. The sloped end will be parallel to the ground while at the same time keeping the rain out. This looks like a static vent not a power vent. I just didn’t want to come off as a smart butt know it all. :wink:

Gottcha…no problem. :wink:

Some roof vents do not have a seperate top or bottom side (because both sides are designed the same, so that there is extra attachment support for the vent cap from blowing off) so for me to say that it is installed wrong I would have to see the top side of this vent.

We have noticed in MI that there is normally an arrow etched in the vent ofor the installer. You know, so he can tell which way is up?

how can you know the arrow means up? what if it means water flow, or wind direction? well, either way, what ever way you put an arrow is the way it goes.

These pictures are consistent with many types of roof vents (including metal vents) that I have used over the years, and don’t leave much room for interpretation.

Roof Vent 003.jpg

Roof Vent 003.jpg

Roof Vent 001.jpg

I agree with you Charles. The vents are installed upside down.