How do you flash this?

Did a 2 story home with a lower roof over the kitch. Lower roof meets the rear wall and at the roof/wall intersection there is a vent (like a ridge vent). How can you have proper flashing here if there is a vent? Anyone got any illustrations?

Photo is from on top of the 1st level looking at the vent. (FYI: there was no accessible attic space beneath the lower roof.)

Yes, there was a water stain on the ceiling below. :shock:

022409 065.JPG

022409 065.JPG

022409 065.JPG

022409 065.JPG

Eliminate the vent, start over and and flash correctly.

Check this out

No…do not recommend eliminating the vent, as this is a newer vent that recently came out and I think it serves it purpose.

It appears to be a Cor-a-vent that was not flashed properly. Recommend flashing upgrade.

You guys are great. Thanks to all!

OK, my bad. “Remove vent, start over and flash correctly”.

Turn around and drop pants! :wink:


I would refer it to a GC to look at…while those vents can work great, like any type of venting / flashing system, one must take into account the pitch.

As we all know, water can travel up hill (capillary action…negative pressure etc.) so even with a products such as this, they must be used in accordance with manufacturer instructions as well as realizing that such instructions must meet sound building principles.

I know from building homes over 30 years that not every product works as they say…nor does some of the past logic used in coming up with building codes stand the test of time (house wrap…getting homes to tight, etc). Which is part of the reason our industry exists…things can go wrong even when instructions are follow…any married man can tell you this… lol

Again, I would simply call it out and let a knowledgeable GC (or manufacturer rep)
check it out.



I referred it to a roofer. Said it likely leaks.

Want to bet the window isn’t flashed? The window is the first red flag in vinyl siding. I recently updated a page on my website and it shows new work with plently of leaks built in,

I just updated the page again.

I bet it is like Frank says and the problem is the moisture barrier and flashing under the window.


Nice site with great images. Thanks.

Here’s a house I did yesterday.

One of many ways to send water behind your siding…