exhaust venting for a stove

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone knew the answer to a venting question.

I am about to lease an office space. I am a non-profit that serves children in California. I want to put a stove/oven in the kitchen so I can make hot snacks and meals. The kitchen shares a wall with the bathroom. There is a vent in the bathroom that goes to the roof. I was wondering if we could connect the stove vent to the bathroom vent and avoid cutting another hole in the roof. If I can, what kind of ducting do I need to use?

I am not sure if this matters, but while the office space is office space now, it was once a restaurant.

Thanks so much

Plumbing vents are for plumbing fixtures ONLY.

You’re better off having an exterior vent installed on an outer wall in the kitchen area.

You are best off to hire someone that has done it , but you may be referring to a range hood.

If the stove is at an outside wall a hole can be punched out .

You also may consider a ventless hood that will utilize a charcoal filter that needs to be replaced periodically.

I would agree with Bob but confirm with your lease agreement about cooking in your space, even though it was a restaurant. No need to install venting when a charcoal filter will work.

Of course we are talking about a single range not a commecial setup which would require a ducted hood with fire suppression.