Plumbing vent next to exhaust vent

Plumbing vent located within a few inches of kitchen exhaust vent:
Disregarding the improper plumbing vent flashing; would it be a concern to have the vent located this close the kitchen exhaust vent. Thanks, Mike

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071011 6961 W Woodbridge Dr Ho 017.jpg

I would be more concerned with the flashing being installed incorrectly than it’s proximity to the kitchen exhaust, but I doubt the kitchen exhaust will create enough pressure to interfere with the plumbing vent. M2CW

Hi. Mike;

I think that your plumbing vent is a little short winded. ha. ha.

I excluded the flashing as you requested.

There should be no problem with the kitchen exhaust. If in snow country like I am, this should be a 3" vent.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

If nothing else put a sleeve in the plumbing vent and extend it up past the kitchen exhaust. If it doesn’t work take the extension off. In your area an extension is not going to freeze up like it may up here in the winter. :wink:

The flashing sucks, did anyone mention that? :wink:

Thanks all, and yes I mentioned to disregard the bad flashing. I was just concerned about the proximity of the plumbing vent in relation to the kitchen vent. The original friction fit plumbing vent flashings deteriorated and a handyman just installed new ones other the old and nailed and sealed them with roofing tar.

It should also be at least 10" high as well.