Range exhaust - Bathroom exhaust connection.

I came across an interesting setup in a finished basement. The contractor connected the vented range hood to the bathroom exhaust via a T connector. They both exhaust outside but my concern is the bathroom exhaust will partially vent into the kitchen and the kitchen will vent into the bathroom.

What are your thoughts on this connection and is it allowed?

The bath vent has a backflow shutter, the kitchen vent does not.

I would do a draft test to know what it going on.

My concern is what the pipe to the outdoors is. Bath type or kitchen type? Metal is a “must”.

Possible NarrativeCan you imagine frying some eggs and getting a whiff of the load someone dropped in the downstairs bathroom?

That’s what I was thinking too. :vomit:
The exhaust to the exterior is metal flex. What I’m looking for in particular is some verbiage concerning the improper connection.

Observation: The kitchen vent and the Downstairs bathroom vent are both vented to the exterior, however they are tied together. This is probably not a code violation just not the best configuration. It does create the potential to vent unwanted air from one to the other.

Perhaps I will list it as a violation of common sense. :twisted:

Kitchen range exhaust vents are required to have backdraft protection and should be smooth rigid metal vent piping.


“of ‘a’ common sense”