Student Looking to Shadow an Inspector

Hey guys, as the title suggests I’m working through the various courses on this site to become a home inspector. I’m doing all the course work and learning a lot from the lessons but would like to see it put to use in a real world setting. I wouldn’t be comfortable performing a mock inspection on a strangers home, so was looking to shadow an inspector on an inspection or two just to get a feel for what it’s actually like. I’m pretty new to this area and don’t have any family or friends in the state. I’ve watched lots of videos and have read about the various systems to inspect and how but want to take the next step.

I’m located in Spring Hill, FL and would be more than willing to drive within a reasonable distance (an hour or so) in order to observe. The Tampa area would be an ideal location. I can understand that someone may not want to “help the competition” which is why I am all for driving a fair amount so their wouldn’t be any conflict. Maybe this is an odd request, if so just let me know, haha.

I appreciate your time and hope to hear from some of you!

Thanks in advance,


Try Charles at Taylored Home Inspections.

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I will do so! Thank you!