Exposed chimney in bedroom

Ran across this one today. A wood burning built-in fireplace in the living room below this bedroom. Visual evidence the fireplace has been well used. Don’t know when the stickers were put on. They were not discolored or falling off.

I commented to the clients during the inspection that this was very unusual. Normally chimney flues are enclosed with a 1" minimum air gap around them. I’ve seen them exposed like this through attic spaces, and in living spaces above the wood burner but not in living spaces from the floor to the ceiling.

Any thoughts? Hot Do Not Touch sign??

It looks like triple wall (class A pipe at least) which still needs 2" clearance to combustibles.

Stupid design. Is that wall paper on it? I’d be afraid someone would thrown a stuffed bunny up against it.

No, they are stickers! You know how much kids love stickers! I would hate seeing what would happen to a child giving that pipe a big hug on Christmas Morning thinking that is where Santa will be coming down to visit…

Greg, were you able to see down the flue from the roof? The diameter looks to be large enough to have a standard flue within it, with an air gap between it and the outer shell pipe. Guessing that to be a 12inch ID (or larger) Class A pipe, that stuff ain’t cheap! About $400-$500 retail for a 36" length! I find it hard to believe someone would spend that much coin, and not go a different route. JMHO.

No I wasn’t able to see from the top. 10 to 12-12 Pitch roof and the chimney was framed with guy-wire support. Would not consider putting my ladder on it. The flue from the firebox was substantially blocked by the damper door. I did recommend a Level-II inspection as usual.

Okay, now you’ve really got me curious.

What was the chimney construction above the roofline? Looks like wood frame with a tin or other faux brick siding material that is painted. Or is it brick or veneer? How is it attached/setting in the attic? I could see the need for the guy wires. Top heavy and the winds loves it I bet.

What is the approximate diameter of the pipe going through the bedroom?

It was framed with painted galvanized covering. Screen over the top. Not visible from the attic as it was too close to the eves. Attic inspection was Head and Shoulders from the 10 x 14 scuttle opposite corner of the home from the chimney. Diameter was approx 14-16 inches in the bedroom. Home was built in 1936. K&T wiring visible under the insulation.