Ash pit storage for fireplace

Never seen this one before.

I called this one out to have the Black Stove Shop professionals to inspect for proper installation. I believe the wood stove and the furnace were sharing the same flue.

The black hole; push those ashes in.

Besides the leaky valve, look close to the rear and you see the clean out door for the furnace flue. I only weigh 168 lb.'s and could barely squeeze behind there to open it up and when I did, it just emptied to the floor. That cleanout was for the furnace only.

Marcel :slight_smile:

I bet that toy portable vacuum of yours was kept busy for a few minutes cleaning this up.
Now I know why I never open Clean outs . thanks for the reminder .
… …Cookie

Actually, the Client was determined to buy the house and broke a knob himself, so he told me he would explain and clean it himself.

I didn’t argue, and he was happy to know that it hadn’t been cleaned in years.

He also was happy when I told him the upstairs fireplace flue had to linings that had vertical crackes in them second and third up from the fireplace throat.

The buyers agent, (dual agent) did not know what to say. I recommended a class 3 chimney inspection and that was one of the negotiation tools used to buy the house.

The client counter offered on the selling price and was brought down another $6,000 plus the previous 12 the client previously had.

The client was happy and I don’t think the realtor will call me for future inspections. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: