Cheap Fireplaces make me nervous

I throughly despise this type of fireplace gives me the thought of fire trap every time I see one and there are many many builders in this State that use this type of corner cutting to put more money in their pocket.

The interior is just wood frame with T1 siding on the exterior usually no cricket/saddle on the roof the siding is useally deteriorated from wicking water. The one in the pic is in better condition than most I see.

[size=2]The pic with the duct was taken actually from within the flue chamber looking up toward the roof pentration. Where you big guys are unable to fit.[/size]

[size=2]I use my weight as a marketing tool against the big guys 142 LBS soaking wet. I’ll bet Will Decker and RR don’t mention their size:) [/size]

There is no way that the clearance at roof penetration is adequate. 1" to 2" depending on type of metal chimney. I’ld be nervous too. :shock: Is this a gas or wood burning frieplace?

Wood burning with gas assist that is why I took the pic no clearance to combustibles

Nice find Charley, how did you get that picture of inside the chimney chase (box)? Attic? Usually they are pretty well blocked or framed in from view.


We like them open down south, saves time and material…also makes inspecting easier.

This was on an 8 yr old gas log setup…flue never connected

:slight_smile: :shock: 142 lbs:shock: :slight_smile:

I got a leg that weights more than that!:mrgreen:

Sorry Curt you would be a nice buddy in a Bar fight but I got you on home inspections:p

Barry that is a life or death find there buddy. WOW!

Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok,… we big guys dont squeeze well. lol

there is always the reach around method.:smiley:


Nice catch I would call that a soaker:)