Exposed Staples on Cedar Shake Roof

This shake roof looks like it is about half way through its serivce life. The attic was bone dry and looked great. I have never seen a shake roof with the fasteners installed in the exposed portion of the shake. Does anyone have any comments on this installation?


Looks like Mr Griswald was putting up the Christmas Lights:D

Could they have been on the outside of the original bundle, holding a wrapper or strapping?

maybe some one went up there after the fact to try to flatten some lifting shakes…in any case not a conventional installation…jmo…jim

Every shingle on the roof looked like the ones in the photo. They were all stapled in this manner. It looks like they were stapled this way during the original installation.

not a conventional installation…

I would have to say either the person installing them didn’t know what they were doing in the first place or the fasteners were added a while back if they began curling.

As we all know, regardless, it’s wrong—:roll: