Exposed wires


Please see attached photo. I am not sure how to report the homes wiring being exposed to the outside from the box to the second floor, and the wires that are looped before the meter. This is brand new construction.

Thank You
Pat Wiseman

Aren’t those Cable TV wires? My photo editor won’t blow the pic up enough.

Those are cable and phone. What is it you want to report about them.

For one thing they are on the utility side and have not yet hit the demarcation point. What you see was done by them?

Oh wait. I see now that you mean the other “cable” that looks like it is exiting under the meter.
Sorry, no idea. I can’t tell anything about them from that pic.

Thanks speedy. It is the house cables under the meter that go into the sidings corner piece that concerns me.

Thanks for your reply
Pat Wiseman

Thanks for the reply Blaine. It is the wires under the meter, they come from the service box and run up the sidings corner channel.

Pat Wiseman

Maybe these photos will explain the question.

Pat Wiseman

Sorry, but it is still hard to tell from the pics.
Looks like they could be more CATV/ph wires.

About the big loop under the meter.
The CATV and Telco guys around here leave much to be desired for the most part. I have seen some real sloppy work by them, which actually reflacts bad on our work.

There could be a Ufer in that wall.

Patrick do these wires feed a sub panel on the second story?


No sub panel. I think they are the house catv and phone line. It is just real sloppy.

Thanks for your reply


I personally would not be concerned with them being only cable tv or phone wires.

Those wires are coming from behind the siding and going back into the siding at the corner. They don’t look like AC wiring. Cable installers do strange things to their wires! :wink:

If they’re cable, it’s really not a big deal. I see shoddy cable installations on a daily basis.

If they’re electrical, they need conduit protection.

What did it look like inside this wall? I know there would be a SE panel inside the wall, but were you able to see these cables at all?

It always amazes me that homeowners and builders will spend hours deciding on the locations for receptacles, switches, etc, during construction, but will leave any thoughs of CATV and phone until they are ready to move in !!

It’s probably just the cable and phone pig tails left hanging after prewiring the house. It looks like someone just poked the excess in to the siding channel to keep it off the ground. The demarc for the phone/cable/satelliite are not installed yet, but usually are near the power meter on new construction.

Thank You for your reply. Sorry I don’t know your name.

I went back and yanked on the wires. You are right, that is exactly what they did.