Extech HD 500 Psychrometer

Extech HD 500 digital psyc with IR thermometer built in.
Comes with cd as well. Virtualy brand new hardly used.
I seemed to have aquired 3 psycs and I dont need 3 so figured I would sell one.

Give me an offer if you want it.

19.99 lol


Dang i give him 25.00 and i will pay shipping, top that my friend :mrgreen:


OK Daddy big Bucks i will go with 30.00 and i will pay shipping lol

$35 and that’s my final offer.

You pay shipping.

He is from Tennessee lets see if this works.

I will top his $35 and pay $28 without shipping!

Its going to have to be at least $100.00
good try though.

Sold to Wayne. Thanks for your money.

LOL your welcome now tell me how to get the damn software to work