time to retire.

I am getting ready to retire and wanted to try to sell some of my tools to someone that can put them to good use.

I am looking to sell my radon monitors they are sun nuclear brand model 1027 i have 8 monitors and 2 printers each monitor and printer has a case and all cords and software. also have an e perm tester. Plus a survey master moisture meter with all attachments and case. and a fluke tir1 camera and hard case forgot to mention monitors are calibrated until feb of 2014 if you are interested in any please message me and we can discuss prices feel free to make an offer as i know i wont get exactly what i paid for this stuff. I will ship anywhere or feel free to pick up if you in the scranton pa area






The first pic is not a 1027 CRM.

Your first post and you are selling out?

a friend referred me to come on here to sell my tools sorry the order is wrong for photos

You may be legit but you have no discription of the unit in photo 1.

May I suggest you sell them on ebay as we recently had a member get scammed by someone selling their tools

Sorry the first photo is the e-perm tester im not very good on the computer not sure how to use ebay i will see if my son can do that thanks for the advice. So i should not sell items on here ? I dont want to get scammed

Please include some sort of reference information so that interested members can verify that you are a real person with a real business. We have had some number of folks come to the classified forum expressly to scam members.

You are much more likely to receive offers if you provide some means of validation such as:

Company name;
verifiable phone number, mailing address or email address, etc.

You certainly can sell them here. I was just leting you know that there was a recent scam artist trying to sell his tools here so some might be very wary.

Call Joe Hagarty in PA. Maybe he can help you out.


send me your email and will contact you

i have had bad experience posting all my personal information in the past with criags list and since i closed the p.o box i dont feel comfortable posting my home address for the whole world to see last time i did that i had people from mexico trying to sell me stuff and get my bank account. If anyone is serious just message me and we can share contact in private.

I’m interested what next

I send you a message please email me and we can swap contact info and discuss pricing

A business website address is hardly personal information

I recommend anyone interesting in these wares proceed with due caution. While the OP may not be one, she exhibits all of the characteristics of a scam artist.

Interesting how we now have “members” who seem to join only for the specific purpose of listing items for sale on the classified forum.

For several years a number of members have suggested some form of verifiable info be provided when signing up for access to the message board.

It has always fallen on deaf ears within nachi management.:frowning:

i dont have a webs i used to but it expired. i will share my info privately just not on here for everyone to see. Sorry to cause a problem

Your business certainly has a history as does the domain name and the website will be archived. Either of those would be verifiable and may give a measure of credibility.

You still bear a remarkable resemblance to a scammer to me.

Why are you not listed here?

Celina Lapello, NHI CMI NACHI12092611 Les Inspections en Batiments Lapello inc. Brossard, QC, Canada (514) 659-2330 E-Mail | Web
Randy LaPoint NACHI12081006 Saranac, NY (518) 312-5853 E-Mail
Mark l. Lapointe, NACHI13012911 NACHI13012911 Inside Out Home Inspections Kingston, NS, Canada (902) 242-2176 E-Mail
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James Lappano NACHI12123108 Orlando, FL (407) 823-8824 E-Mail

Timothy Lareau NACHI12062112 Prism Home Inspections, LLC Las Cruces, NM (575) 636-7528 E-Mail | Web
Philip M. Large

From Featured Inspect http://www.nachi.org/memberlist/featured/l.htm#ixzz2VCf8C1xY

Nobody by that name listed as a home inspector on the web.
Agent in Texas only.

Southlake TX

Why are you not listed?

i was never on here before not sure why im not listed i just registered on here today i would not want to be listed anyway as im out of business

Be careful guys. Things don’t add up.