Exterior Finish

Any ideas what the stains may be from? Me think its from being on the North side of the house.

A patch…?

That is what it looks like to me.

transpiration stains
(of a plant or leaf) the exhalation of water vapor through the stomata

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Draw you line of sight up to the eave.
As you know, roof eave components are clad/covered.
Roofing framing is covered with sheathing, Drip Edge, Vapour Barrier and lastly Shingles.
Roof Eave. The Fascia is clad with Aluminum in this case. Under the eave is vented
Aluminum Soffit.

Under the Gutter Pans and Soffit are stains which leads me to believe;
A: The gutters are clogged or blocked.
B: The gutters are not properly sloped.
C: No or misaligned Drip Edge Flashing.
D: The Gutter Pans are Not Tightly Secured against the Fasca.

Stains: Trapped water in the gutters is diluting soluble minerals & debris staining the trapped water that is spilling over the front or back of gutter pans.
What side of the gutters is the water spilling from? The face of the gutters look clean but underneath the gutters are stained.

Hypothesis: A: No drip edge flashing or poorly positioned drip edge flashing. *The angled bottom edge of Drip Edge Flashing is the capillary break. B: Poor Gutter Slope.
Hypothesis: Water is escaping the clogged gutter pans between the back of the Aluminum gutter pans and the Aluminum Fascia Cladding.

Prevailing winds are blowing dripping stained water onto the envelope under the eaves.

Suspect: Main and Bay Window Eave Gutters.
A: Clogged, Blocked Gutters. B: Poor Gutter Slope. C: Missing Drip Edge Flashing. D: Gutter Pans not secured tightly against the Fascia.

stained eave

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