exterior water staining cause/remedy?

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I am trying to figure out the cause and remedy to an exterior water staining condition and wanted to seek the expert-generalist advice of the forum. This water stain picture comes from my brother, who lives a few hours away in Austin. It is located on a western facing garage eave. There doesn’t appear to be any wood rot yet and based on what he said there was no water staining on the interior attic/ceiling area. Any thoughts and/or recommendations are greatly appreciated as it will be a while before I can get down there for a visit.

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Probably leaking where the corbel meets the fascia.

I bet there is a slight slope to the flashing back towards the house. Water is running off the back of the metal flashing, under the fascia and right into this area. The stain is how far the moisture has traveled. Fix the slope and caulk the top of the flashing / fascia junction.

Either a leak in defective flashing or wind driven rain. Find the wet -est spot and follow the moisture. Caulk the flashing and then paint with Kilz and keep an eye on it.