Outdoor electrical wiring height

According to the 2100 questions provided by InterNACHI it seems electrical wires should not be less than 7’ abover grade:

I dont’ know how to reconcile that with the NEC which states outdoor recepticals should not be more than 6.5’ above grade:

210.52(E) Outdoor Outlets. Outdoor receptacle outlets shall be installed in accordance with (E)(1) through (E)(3). [See 210.8(A)(3).]
(1) One-Family and Two-Family Dwellings. For a one-family dwelling and each unit of a two-family dwelling that is at grade level, at least one receptacle outlet accessible while standing at grade level and located not more than 2.0 m (6½ ft) above grade shall be installed at the front and back of the dwelling.

I’ve done some searching but I can’t find anythign outside of InterNACHI to explain this.

The question is referring to electrical cables, not outlets.

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@ccurrins Yes, I figured that, however, I still can’t find anything to support this 7’ limitation. I’m trying to study for my licence exam but without supporting reference material I’m just memorizing answers.

The question is terrible. Electrical meters are mounted at about 5’ and can be with SE cable feeding and exiting them making the cable lower than 7’. In some cases the cable is only a foot or two above the ground.

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The question refers to overhead SE cables from the pole to the home and the minimum height above a yard. 7 feet is less than the minimum height. So is 6 feet, 5 feet etc. Poorly worded question but you should not expect to find a reference with that exact height, you will find a reference that is MORE than 7 feet.

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Based on the exact wording of the question (the term electrical wiring) the answer true is incorrect. If the question truly refers to the service drop they probably couldn’t have worded any worse.

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I’m beginning to think some of these questions were written by a third grader. You should send these to education@internachi.org


Yes, I started sending my questions there. The education department are not inspectors so they just forward all my questions to Ben which was great because Ben was always helpful, but they kept telling me to post my questions on the forum. So, I assume they prefer if members to take a stab at it before they give it to Ben for the final word.

I would keep posting them. They often make for interesting threads.

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