Exterior Panel Challenger - Interior Square D

Does the Challenger panel need to be replaced?

Is that two different panels

Yes. The first 3 are the Challenger panel outside. The last 2 is the Square D panel.

Do You have picture of what is inside the challenger panel.

I do not. The Main electrical lines run into the breaker and then run into the Square D panel in the garage.

Why do you ask, just because the two are different brands?

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I ask because Challenger has trouble getting insurance. I had a client turned down by his insurance company because it is a Challenger. I want to make sure I don’t have the same issue again.

Inspect it like you would inspect any other panel cabinet and then decide…IMHO

Larry’s right on. What the insurance company does is not your issue. You are in no way responsible if the insurance company denies coverage and you didn’t warn the client. That’s not your job. Just report on the safety of the current installation.

You must be in Florida. Otherwise I know of no history of Challenger panels being defective.


Robert, I have come across quite a few Challenger panels here in upstate NY and doing some research found that these panels made in the 80s and 90s have been known to fail. The stab lock becomes loose, micro-arcing, creating a fire hazard. I usually observe browning or darkening of the bus bar which I attribute to overheating. This has been confirmed by multiple licensed electricians so I mark them as a major and suggest replacement. Call me crazy but I will not have that on my conscience so I report the condition and what I know about the history of the system.

Where did you get this info?

Roy, multiple online sources


Whether accredited or not the evidence is there and I will continue to flag it. I can tell you that every Challenger panel that I have inspected shows evidence of browning bus bars, and for what ever reason always the right side bus.


Thanks for the reply.

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