Exterior pole/service

This pole/service drop was on the property. First, the service wires for the home, were contacting the metal conduit on the side of pole. Now, wouldn’t wind/wire movement be a potential concern due to wires possibly becoming abraded on metal edges? Secondly, the pole definitely has a “lean” to it. Would you comment on this stuff? Would you want to know if you were buying house? Should I just mention and tell them to consult with electrical provider?
I realize that somethings are out of our scope, however, if its a potential concern/problem, I’ll let them know. I would want to know if I were a buyer.

Any helpful comments/insight is always appreciated.

Personally, I might only make a comment on the pole if that is the service to the home; however, I would also probably note the number onthe pole and report it to the PoCo myself.

Not sure why you would be looking at something that typically belongs to the power company.

If this was the service/pole at your house would you say anything to power company?

As a home inspector it is not my concern. If I saw it I would recommend that the buyer call the power company.

What Greg said. Around here about 40% of the poles lean that way from Hurricane Ivan. Folks refer to it as the “Ivan lean”.

I always include observations of the visible portions of the electrical service because it is my client who will be unhappy if it fails, whether or not required by the SOP.