Extra $ Working from Home… Part time!

Unique opportunity for a Tiny Home on Wheels Inspector

Dynamic, well established remote inspection company is seeking a Part-Time InterNACHI Inspector to inspect Tiny Homes on Wheels. Work from home/remotely. Our company is growing and we are looking for a professional to assist with our busy inspection schedule.


Work remotely from home.

Earn $ part time.

Can fit in between existing home inspections. I.e., If you know ahead of time you have an inspection, you can block the time off on the employee calendar.

We provide training.

The Ideal Candidate is:


InterNACHI Professional Inspector

Comfortable with Digital medium, computer savvy

Heart for customer service

Positive Attitude

Critical Thinking

Flexible and team oriented

If you are interested in becoming an inspector with the leader in inspections of Tiny Home on Wheels, please submit your resume to leanne@noahcertified.org.

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What does it pay?

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I don’t actually have to go to the house to perform the inspection, cool where do I sign up :slightly_smiling_face:


“Home inspected at 9:30 am. Reported missing at 11:47 am. The site appeared to show no drainage issue at the time of inspection…”


According to their site the Builder uses his smart phone to stream video to you https://noahcertified.org/ .

Of course it appears you have to get “Certified”, at an apparent cost of course, to be a remote Inspector.


hmmm…I am curious how many leads you get to cover the cost of the “certification”.

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Most of us detest the mere idea of being ‘employees’ that’s why were home inspectors in the first place… the rest of us just don’t give a damn. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Possibly the OP can return and explain the “Inspector” process and what if any costs are involved. Or maybe one of their Inspectors who is also listed as an INACHI member can explain (Tony Paolillo NOAH RDI | Meet The Team).

It would also be interesting to know if this company indemnifies their Inspectors for any issues missed through this remote inspection method?


Great question.

Nothing to see here…move along :wink:

The Training is not a certification and it is at no cost. No additional Certs required.

NOAH does carry Professional Liability Insurance.

Estimating 10 hours per week and pay $25-30/hour.

Most home inspectors business plans are designed at an hourly rate above $50/hour those who survive their first 3-years in business have learned how to bill at a much higher rate those who don’t never make it to their 5th year. The key to success relies on focus, the time and effort to earn substandard wages could be better spent refocusing on core aspects of your business plan instead of whoring your trade for W-2 money.

In reality the home inspecting business is extremely competitive but it’s also quite rewarding to those few who can focus their resources. I suggest using Pareto 80/20 principle to gain perspective and only do those things which support your core business.

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I pay my gardener AND my cleaning lady more than that! Good Grief!

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If that’s a consistent estimate it might be worth time for the new people to pad their accounts while working on other aspects of inspecting.

Just out of curiosity a local Tiny Home dealer has never heard of this “certification”. Is there a Federal Government link you can provide that describes it?

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I thought this was a joke at first! How silly!

very true…