Extreme loss of number of inspections

I live in Ottawa, Ontario. I have been in the business for 28 years. I track inspections by type and month. I would do on average 400–500 inspections a year. We got into this crazy multiple offer no conditions purchases around 2017. Covid made it even worse for us in Canada. Our lowest year was around 300 inspections. We finally started to get back into a normal mark, full schedule every day, then the interest rates started to go up. It’s very slow compared to normal years. Our real estate board posted sales were down 75%.

down about 30% YTD here in NY. I have not dug into a multi year tracking because I simply don’t need to. This is the first year that growth has stagnated and reversed. I have never seen a pull back like I have in the last 6-10 months. Lucky for me it is not a major concern because the construction side of my life is insane. There are not enough employees available to keep up with the pace of work and we are quoting at 15-20% higher margins than normal and getting zero push back. The world is quite strange right now. I expect a correction to hit in the near future.


Shhhhh all the Yankees complaining about how slow they are don’t have the brains to connect the dots.


Seems like the blue states might be sending their people to change the color of Florida, lol.

Yeah, we dont need any more inspectors here. We have plenty already. I’m glad I’m already well established here. It may be hard to get started right now


Man I hope not… But I dont think so. I think they are moving here because they are tired of it. Whenever I actually do get into a political discussion with clients from out of state (usually northeast) they are almost always conservative, tired of the crap.

It may actually be making the other states even more blue


Yeah, but it is also turning some red states blue too.


yep, good point

:slight_smile: A buddy of mines dad moved from Oregon to Arizona +/- 20 years ago when things started to go crazy… he’s thinking he may have to move again soon.



Matt, I hate to see the news and what is happening to the state of my birth. I am from Oregon, and I have more than 200 cousins, aunts and uncles still in Oregon. It makes me sick to see what is going on in Portland and hear what the liberals are doing there. In the 70’s the people from California started moving in and buying up all the farmland and forests for vacation homes. They brought their California money to a state that existed on farming, ranching, and forestry. Land prices went crazy, and locals could not afford to buy the land to keep going. Most of my family is pushing to leave Oregon and liberal Portland that controls the state legislature. Even those in Portland and Spokane WA want to become part of Idaho.

The more the liberals push the more good people are going to rebel. [More Oregon counties vote to consider joining Idaho, part of rural effort to ‘gain political refuge from blue states’ - oregonlive.com](More Oregon counties vote to consider joining Idaho, part of rural effort to ‘gain political refuge from blue states’ - oregonlive.com)


That has been my experience too. Mostly retired people here and they always have Fox News on.

In four years I’ve only come across two Democrats that have moved from up north. Hopefully they won’t burn their neighborhood down :rofl:

Every house in my neighborhood has an American flag hanging on it, except for my neighbor who is from California. Nobody likes her not because of the flag but because she’s from California.


Which states have turned blue because of the Yankee migration? Source please.

Back to the topic at hand less the conservative bullshit… :rofl:

Mortgage rates have moved 50 basis points higher in just the past month. Last February, rates were in the 4% range.


AZ is one example - Hell, even Texas seems to no longer be reliably red: Is Texas Turning Blue? - The Atlantic

Blue states come with certain consequences. Enjoy Arizona :+1:t2:

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We filled our schedule for the week today for the first time on a Monday in a long time. Also, ISN seems to be bogged down and barely running… hoping it’s due to all of us scheduling inspections. Anyone else get a push today?