How is business lately ? (poll)

I have had a good year. (Better than expected)

This past week I hit another slowdown that seemed to correspond with the terrible economic news and just received a call from a women looking to buy a 1800’s 2 flat.

I went through my usual Q and A ,then gave her a great price only to have her cut me off and say thanks anyway but I have a guy who will do it for $300, which is far lower than I would even think of.

She then went on to state that with Real Estate being so slow I should have a better price. Ouch!

First time I ever heard that one, so I am wondering if things have changed for you guys over the last couple of month’s.

Painfully slow last two months. Even the commercial investors are waiting.

I have been the same in my local area (chicagoland) as what others have confided in me.

I go through incredible spurts that cause me to lose sleep followed by intense boredom.

Last two months in particular, but a very poor year overall. It doesn’t help when agents have me blacklisted for being honest and thorough. Judging by other threads from others like my buddy JP :cool:, it seems that in some markets agents like thorough, accurate and honest professionals. I don’t know any that do. :twisted:

Thats why I have never begun marketing to RE offices.

Erol, you do most of yours as commercial , do you not?

I have been going real strong all year then almost two weeks ago it seems the bottom just fell out. I was complaining last night about it and had three calls today! But, it don’t look good for the home team right now. Who knows?

I need help, if your AZ Certified, call me, my number is in my signature below.
Homes and Commercial work.

Same here. Had a conversation with a realtor the other day, becasue I documented that over the door frame, which was level, the 2nd floor, or first floor ceiling, was 1 inch out of level. This was consistent on about 4 door frames. I mean come on, 1 inch over the length of a door frame! She was mad, and I told her that if she couldn’t deal with it, to call somebody else. That probably didn’t help either. :roll: I have been working my way out of business the past year. Since the market is slow, everyone wants the deals to go through, screw the buyer, as long as they get their cash.

I’ve been very busy all year.

There is a bit of a slow down (historically) for me in October, so I’ve planned a seven-day vacation next week that will coincide with the ITA convention in Vegas.

60 inspections last month, 12 so far this month.


You forgot one catagory. BUSINESS IS IN THE CRAPPER.

It is definitely a regional thing. I am also running out of things to upgrade around the house. Too much time on my hands. I started calling my good core of Realtors to see how things were going. Out of the first 25, 5 are no longer in the business. The others are mostly crying in their beer. Even the BNI leads have dried up… and that takes a lot.

Hang tough folks. It will eventually turn the corner.

Ditto Jeff, only I’m not going to Vegas----:twisted:

People are pulling their money out of 401K’s and buying property, for pennies on the dollar here.

Last year was great, but this year will be the best ever.

I don’t remember the last time I did a new construction inspection. But overall this has been my best year yet. I do get the feeling Realtors are not happy with the inspection process more than ever but that’s never stopped me from being thorough and honest.

I’ve only been in business about 6 months but that’s what’s happening with me too.

What happened? Last we spoke, we were gonna meet up at a watering hole.

Happy to hear business is good.

I been doing inspections 7 days a week for so long I can’t remember, and going in the hospital on the 20th (operation), not only do I need another inspector, but I may need two more, unless the calls slow, or stop…hard to figure whats going on with the economy, but folks are trusting real estate over their 401K’s.

Its been like some intense roller coaster here. Can go a week without a call then everyone decides to call on the same day. Feel like an AT&T operator. All ya can do is sit back and enjoy the ride.:mrgreen:

Can’t imagine why. . . :wink:

Best of luck!

Dale, good luck with the operation!
Randy Stufflebeem

Home inspections have dropped off a bit but mold inspections on REO’s have picked up. A few days ago I got a batch of Property Condition Reports to do on foreclosed homes that will go to auction in about 3 weeks. They pay $110 a piece and take 1/2 hour onsite and 20 minutes for the report.

Lucky Bsrd.:slight_smile: