Who else's business is slow?

Good morning all. I’m just wondering if anyone else is having trouble finding business lately. My website is operating properly and I’m doing social media marketing almost every day. I have about 15 to 20 new visitors to my site everyday, but nobody seems to be booking home inspections. I’m hoping that it’s just the current real estate market. Any tips, or advice on this topic would be greatly appreciated. Wishing all of you a successful week. Thanks!

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Yep, everyone is slow. # of sales in most markets is down +/-40% from 2022… keeping in mind 2022 was not a great year with lack of inventory, etc. Winter is generally the slow season for us too so it’s been particularly bad. To a large extent this is life in this industry. Save your pennies when times are good because these things happen. Good time to grab a part-time job or catch up on some projects.


Thanks for your insight. It’s good to know it’s not just me or my business.

Welcome to the community, Chris.
Current real estate market. Have not seen it like this sense I started about 13 years ago.

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Given what Matt mentioned, now is the time of year that many of us work on our WEBSITES or other significant projects that are too time consuming for other times of the year!
Screw Social Media! Most of those (people) aren’t your potential clients. You need your website to engage people to help them decide to hire YOU!
IMO, yours needs work, ie. where’s your ABOUT page with information about you and your company? Who are you? Why should someone hire you? Honestly, there is nothing even interesting that makes me want to even make a call to talk with you.
You should be thinking and marketing like a consumer searching for a quality inspector… NOT a home inspector trying to get business!
Good luck.

(FYI… my Residential business for January is up 150% from 2022, 100% from 2021, and Even with 2020).


Slow here in Ohio, but I’m seeing signs of it picking up, my phone is ringing again, not off the hook, but at least ringing.


Every market is different. I’m booking into March. What have you done to promote your business? Are you doing any marketing?


Chris, I recommend you get a picture of yourself on the first page of your website. The website looks very cartoonish. People are going to want to have a look at who you are.


1st week of Jan was the slowest week I’ve ever had since being a newbie.

Now it’s starting to look back to normal. 2021 was an exceptional year, and we’re all starting to realize that was an outlier, and not a typical year.

I will say one has to do more than website and social media marketing. I mean, yeah, that’s my primary driver, but not the only one. You have to get out and network.

But let’s ignore that for the moment and focus on what you are doing:

Your website:

The 1st line is “With Colorado housing prices on the rise”. Right away you’re scaring off clients. I mean, you’re not incorrect, but you’re putting them into the mindset that maybe they just shouldn’t buy a house period. This is a huge disservice to yourself.

The bottom says “© 2023 by Site Name” telling the world your website isn’t even finished. Most buyers are off to the next site.

And lastly, your front page doesn’t say much.

Where exactly are you based out of? I mean, Colorado is a huge place. YOu can’t possibly cover the entire state. Buyers are simply moving past your page for lack of info.

Your services page: Holy crap this is bad.
“With safety and quality in mind, we offer a limited, non-invasive inspection of the home and its components.” I mean, technically every HI is limited, but you’re right up front saying implying you do partial inspections, and if you want a thorough inspection, go to the next website!

The rest of the information is generic, generic, generic. There are probably 1000 websites that have the same exact text. This means google is ranking you low for copy and pasting text from other sites. And buyers are leaving because you’re not interesting.

Your about page should be about YOU and why you are YOU and that there is no other YOU around.

And lastly, you claim you do social media marketing, but your Facebook page says otherwise.

You posted today. Ok.
Your previous post was 5 days ago.
Your post prior to that was almost 2 weeks ago.
Your IG has 5 posts PERIOD.

That is NOT social media marketing.

Social media marketing is posting 4-5 times a week.
My company posts as much as 3-4 a day on busy days and never lets a day go buy without at least one post.

I’d say you’re slow because you’re not even trying to market.


Here’s what I was able to build in Nov//dec :grinning:


Nice Daniel! :+1:


I shouldn’t say this but I will. Sometimes the logos produced here look a lot like craft beer labels.


Skills Daniel!


IKEA?? :disguised_face:

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Nope! Wanted it to last longer than a year… Built the whole thing from scratch. The door and drawer fronts took the longest


A finish carpenter is on a whole different level than a hammer swinger.


Have you done any other advertising? Google adwords works well for me when I need it, (which isnt very often), but you can turn it on and off whenever you want, and can set your own budget.
It can be pricey, but it would help to get the phone ringing.
Another thing that would help, if you havent already, is visiting open houses, now that they are starting up again.
That helped me get up and running pretty quickly. Because you arent just talking with realtors, you could hand your card to anyone that is there as well

Got that right!