FABI vs InterNachi state test

Just finished 120 hr training course through PHII. Is that enough to pass the FABI test or the internachi proctored test?
Which should I take? I barely passed the test exam on InterNachi website. Lots of things on there not covered by PHII.

What are the real benefits of InterNachi membership?

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The Fabi test is based on one book, “Real Estate Home Inspection: Mastering the Profession” (5th Edition) by Russell Burgess. I have taken the INachi test and the NAHIE exam. They are pretty equal. If you plan on taking the FABI test you should read the book it was written from. You could also use the practice questions for the InterNachi test.

I hope that helps

If you barely passed the InterNACHI exam, why not take it over and over again? It is different every time, to an extent. Don’t take the state exam until you are getting high 90’s every time. Problem is, you don’t know what you are going to get on the state test.

As far as benefits of NACHI, they are endless.

And when you are ready to take the proctored state exam, email me and I’ll set it up. InterNACHI administers the licensing exam for the state of Florida. It’s an InterNACHI exam.

I took the internachi test a few times just to feel confident.

The prompted FL test is very similar to the NACHI website test for what I can remember, but I did see some termite questions I did not recall from the website. But I pass the test on the first try, so my advice would be to retake the test several times even if you pass it with high scores.

Marc and Nick both gave you great info. Not saying others did not I just liked there statements best for your situation.

what is the cost of the exam?