Florida State Exam. Please Help


I am currently studying to take the Florida state exam, an I was hoping you could point me in the right direction. I have created about 1,200 quizlet questions from Internachi practice and course classes. I am scoring 85% plus on all these, however, when I take the internach test I often fail. Is there is specific internach test that I should be focusing on to enable me to pass the state exam? Some of the coursework goes into so much detail.

Not to be ugly about this, but FL allows three exams and the INACHI exam is the easiest of the three. You need to learn the subject matter and not just test questions! Study the areas you are weak in or scored lowest in.


3 exams in Florida can you please clarify?

Actually four exams are allowed. FL is so screwed up with the exams they allow and is the only state that has something like this.

This exam consists of 120 questions. Test takers have 1 hour to complete the exam, and each attempt costs $125. The test is offered in person and can be taken at one of several proctored locations.

This exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions (25 of which are not scored). Test takers are given 4 hours to complete the exam, and each attempt costs roughly $225 (depending on your location). This exam is used in 35 states and allows you to get a licenses in those states

This exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions covering the various areas of home inspection. FABI has a specific exam book you will need to prepare for the exam, “Principles of Home Inspection: Systems and Standards” 3rd Edition Update (ISBN 978-1078801386) – You can purchase this book at the FABI store. Test takers have 2 hours to complete the exam, and each test costs $200. The test is only offered in person. Testing site locations are available after registration.

The ACICP website does not list the number of questions on the exam, but it does state that students have 2 hours to complete the test. Test takers can choose to take the exam in person for $250 or online for $150.

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Thx Scott! I am planning on taking the Internachi one

My question is this… and my apologies if this is a dumb question. Is the Nachi FL test set up like the Nachi practice tests (that ive been getting progressively better at… In the 80s and 90s)? My biggest fear is study and practice all these tests, and take FABI and fall flat due to no familiarity. I am assuming the answer is yes. If so… well… Ill got the Nachi route for testing.

The NACHI practice test does well to prepare you for the NACHI state licensing test. Here’s the technique I used to study for mine, and I walked out with a 96%.

I took the NACHI practice exam every chance I got. Any time I got to a question I didn’t immediately know (and understand) the question on, I would write the question down on a a notecard. After the exam, I’d take all the notecards I created and research, find, and understand the answer and write it on the back of the notecard. Now you’ve got flashcards.

I spent about 2-3 weeks doing this each day. Taking the practice exam, creating flashcards, and studying those. Each time you take the test there’s different questions. You can take the test 100 times and each time you’ll see some similar questions, and also ones you’ve never seen before.

NACHI also has a study guide that includes some basic WDO- I recommend studying this, state SOP, and anything on that guide.

Once my NACHI practice tests were consistently in the low 90’s I scheduled my test and just studied my flashcards each day.

If you do all this, you should do fairly well. I may have gone overboard, but it worked. On the flip side, when I came in to take my test the proctor told me a guy had just left a little prior to my appointment and had failed the NACHI test for the 4th time.

Thanks, Brian. That is exactly what im doing. If i dont know it… make notes and review. Sounds like im on the right track. Thank you for replying, sir. I just needed some reassurance. Have a good day.