FALL Specials $$$ on www.choosenachi.com

Hello Everybody

Just an update on our fall specials for all NACHI members.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to call me.



or this one

??? get a life

My point exactly.

Leave me alone.

I thought you were a better man than this? Everybody has their own views like Wendy and your self. But to make it a point to step up and seek Wendy out to harass her in IMHO is wrong. I think that a lot of people need to go back and re-read NACHI code of ethics again. Mainly item # 3, section # 3. I do not always agree with Wendy or others. I express my opinion, and then move on. I do not make it appoint to seek them out and complain about every post they make, or start a poll against this person just to stir up trouble. You and I both know that there are some people here on the BBS that do not like Wendy. And at every chance they get they will jump on the band wagon if given the chance. What we post here can and will find its way to the search engines in due time, where the public can read it and make their own mines up if this person is right or wrong. So if you can not handle what Wendy or others are saying, use your ignore option as I have done.