Why are they here?

Did my research, took the tests required, sent in application and membership fee. I researched many associations, and I could not find one that compared with all the information and benifits offered, I found at NACHI.
I have been here many times to get information, advice, and ideas from the many HI on this board. The one thing that bothers me is all the arguments that start. I wonder, (and it may be in the archives of this message board) why are non members, who make it a point to come here and harrass other members, allowed here. I am glad that I, as a non member could come here, but it seems that I read along on a thread and it turns into an anti NACH, anti NICK crusade. I know this is probably a long drawn out issue, but the reason behind allowing these people here?

Certain non-members, and some members, as well, are insecure with their feelings. For what ever reason, many of the non-members were at one time NACHI and left. Many are ASHI members and feel threatened by the presence of NACHI–mainly for the reasons you became a member.

These “children” have yet to mature to adulthood, and will probably prove it when they respond to this particular post.

However, they come and they go (mostly go) and do no real harm, except to themselves (and they are too juvenile to realize that it is themselves that they bother most).

Ignore them–you’ll soon learn who’s who and start to enjoy this place.

That being said – WELCOME TO NACHI!!!

I got a feeling, based on your original post, that you will be a valuable contributing member here, and we’re all (well, most of us, anyway) looking forward to chatting with you in the future.

good post Jae

Welcome Nathan!


Once you’ve identified who the pointy headed ones are, use the ignore button. It works extremely well and makes using the BB a pleasure again. Those that are just "transient’ boneheads, just ignore as well. They tend to lose interest if no one acknowledges them and move on. You still have your simps, wimps and whiners but they are basically harmless and only venture out when there are a gaggle of them to bolster each other in a eye-scratching contest (there is only one set of gonads that has to be shared among them). The fact that you have already recognized these individuals for what they are is 90% of the victory for you. Enjoy!

Nathan welcome, and I’ll try and mind my manners from here on out, or at least wear a hat to hide my point.:smiley:

As usual…I agree with Jae…

And from me also…**Welcome To NACHI !!! :smiley: **

Try this one. :cool:

hat for pointy haired (Small).jpg

That’s soooooo jocular…

Only one thing to bear in mind about the pointy headed ones; they exist on both (no all) sides of every issue.

There are quite a few of us out here, don’t worry, that are scrolling all up and down these boards for all of the knowledge and experiences to soak in. Don’t let the idiots try and ruin it for you. There are plenty of highly intelligent, experienced inspectors here that will help you out. Ditto to what everybody else said about all the juvenile back and forth. It is quite irritating to alot of us. Most of us, I believe, are just trying to ignore it. It is hard and I understand your post. There are probably 100’s others thinking the same things. Some of the members, its obvious, need the attn. apparently.

I joined this org 4 years ago and it is the only one I don’t hesitate renewing with.

Welcome to NACHI! from deep in the heart of TEXAS!

Don’t keep us in suspense, did you make it in before Nick shut it down at 10,000 members??:wink:

Are you kidding me, most of the arguments start between the members :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t have to look far, just ask about licensing and sit back and watch the insults fly !


Some disagree and that’s all they ever do.

Some disagree from time to time and then go
back being helpful and having a fun chat.

Some never disagree and go along to get along.

It’s the wonder of the NACHI forum, and all it’s
spice, that makes it stand out from the rest.

Welcome to the NACHI family!!! :smiley:

Jae, you have such a poetic way about you ! LOL


Welcome to NACHI Nathan,

Best part about being an American is our diverse personalities :ack!: and opinions. We have that here in our MB too.

You’ll learn about all the characters :twisted: on the board as long as you become an active utilizer.


Children, pointy heads, highly Intelligent(as yet unproven),idiots, did I get them all? Seems like a typical thread, with the typical comments. Perspective is in the eye of the beholder.
And once again welcome Nathan.:smiley:

Is that going to be a problem?

:eek: If that happens, surely I will get my money back…

Thank you for such a warm welcome!:slight_smile: