I just sent an email to my nephew who is serving in Iraq and I just wanted everyone to say a prayer for all our family members serving in the military and are away from home during the holidays.
May peace be with them.

No doubt. Top priority in our prayers this holiday season.

Ditto. My feelings exactly!


I am sure all NACHI men and women will have your nephew and the many fine people serving in iraq in their prayers on this special holiday season. 

Bringing democracy to a world without it is the best present AMERICA can give the world......bless them all and bring them home safe.

Back in ’94 I did a 28-day “living off the land” MC tour of Texas, N. Mexico, Arizona, and Utah. Tour ended at the Vietnam Memorial in Angel Fire - Eagle’s Nest, N.M. on Memorial Day.

One of the experiences I had was in the middle of a Milky Way lit night this overwhelming thought of what it was like for the first man, came over me.

This is what came of that thought and has been my “Native American Prayer” for all, including you, since then.

Father Sky
**Mother Earth **
**Children of the Universe **
**Forever Free **
Always at Peace

May the last 3 lines become TRUTH for all, one day soon


Last Christmas, my son was in Iraq. He is back in the states now (in Oklahoma) and gets out of the Army in late January.

I will certainly keep your nephew in my prayers. On behalf of my family, please thank him for his service.

Merry Christmas to all.

Thanks Bill, I will. He has a wife and two young children at home and this will be the first Christmas apart. The worst part is he is in security and his unit was trained for convoy security just outside Baghdad, right now they are in charge of detainee security, still very difficult.

May the L-rd Bless tham and Keep them,
and make His face to shine upon them,
and grant them His peace.

  • Aaronic Benediction.

BTW: My daughter, Elizabeth (Elishava, in Hebrew, meaning ‘G-d’s Oath’) just got her letter from our Congresswomen. She was granted an appointment to either the Naval Academy (Annapolis) or the Military Acadamy (West Point). Her choice.

When He blesses, he really blesses. Don’t He!

Baruch HaShem (Blessed be His Holy Name).

My son, Chris, and his family arrived from Italy last Thursday. After one tour in Iraq and another in Afghanistan, his unit is scheduled to return in Iraq in April.

He was showing me his uniform with the medals and other insignia he has earned and he came to one and explained “This one is for being within fifty yards of a mortar explosion fired at us by the enemy.” I asked if he could promise never to win another of those, but he smiled and said “It is not up to me.”

So, in the silence of this holy night, let us all ask the One Who it is up to to protect all of our brave Americans who are in harms way and bring them all back home to us, safely.

Amen, Jim.

May they all enjoy His hedge of protection and know His love.

By the time this posts it will be Christmas morning here in NH and many other parts of the world.

Thank you


May God Bless You and your family. My nephew is with KBR security in Camp Falcon south of Baghdad. This is his 3rd year in Iraq.

I pray for him and ALL of our service men and women each and every day.

May God bless them all.

Warmest Regards,

Having spent a Christmass Season with my own Son in Iraq, but now home for this one, I for one can relate to a Prayer for all the family members in the military that are away from home on this holiday.

May the good Lord Bless them all and protect them in their journey to protect all of us at home and may they all return safely.
Thank you

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

keep the faith