This is pretty tough to hear if you have a son (or other loved one) in Afghanistan or Iraq right now, but it’s worth the pain.

Happy 4th.

I pray at least two to three times each and every day that "God please bless our American servicemen and women especially those serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and in the other countries where people will seek to harm them. I ask that you give them courage, faith, clarity of mind, clarity of vision, and quick physical reactions. "
I add your sons to my prayers.
May God bless them all ……………

The prayers of a righteous man avails much, according to my reliable source. Having been on the other end, we both know how much they are appreciated. Thanks, Frank.:wink:

it does indeed avail much & the same source said where two or mor are gathered in his name, I will add your son to our list also thank your son for his service

Jim; that was very touching in my heart and pray to God every day that our young soldiers come home safe.
Having my own son serve 13 months over there a year and half ago, I can relate to the anxieties of hearing from them and coming home.
Very nice.

Wish you luck and pray your son will come back to you safe. Please give him my thank you’s when he does come back.

Marcel :slight_smile:

To all of our troops,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, each and every one of you are true heroes.

My son will be heading for northern Iraq in September. Thank you for the post James.

As Y’shua (Jesus) said of the Father, “Welcome, and rest, my good and faithful servant.”

Seems fitting.

Thank you to all our men and women who are protecting our families and freedoms, that we seem to take for granted. Our prayers are with you as we pray for your safety, and the well being of your families that you have been seperated from. One day from “The Reliable Source” mentioned in earlier posts on this thread this violence will cease.
Gerald Wilcox

You’re right, a tough one to hear. the lump in my throat still hasn’t cleared (hope it doesn’t affect my writting)-o< God Bless all the troops, yours and everyone’s, they’ll be in our prayers. My nephew is back for a 2 week stint before heading back to Iraq.

In their honor I’ve been flying the American flag 24/7/365 (since Sept 11,2001) and won’t take it down until this is over. I encourage everyone to do the same.

Happy 4th to everyone…God Bless America and Her Troops:D