Fan shuts off at 73 degrees

My upstairs air conditioning unit (Goodman) has had some strange behavior the last few nights. The fan is automatically shutting off once it has cooled to 73 degrees, even though the thermostat is set to cool to 70 degrees. The outside unit is still running, it’s just the fan that shuts off. This happens whether it is set to auto or on.

I did go in my attic and shut the power down for a few minutes early this morning and that seemed to have corrected the problem (so far). I’m just trying to determine what could have caused this and what I should do about this. The fan would run once it went over 73 degrees again.

Sounds like it may be a thermostat but you need to call a pro-HVAC tech to do complete check.

Has ir always done this or has the problem just started. Depending on the thermostat system, there may be a technician-set low limit entered during system set-up.

If you are not a HVAC technician, I suggest you hire one, nobody can possibly guess what the EXACT problem is on a message board.

Pretty much wasting your time here, have a technician fix the machine and tell us what was wrong…then we all learned something.

As DD stated one cannot trouble shoot on a message board. You have an definite problem if blower does not run when in the on position regardless of the Stat setting as this is suppose to over ride all other controls. You did not give the age of your unit the newer Goodman units have dip switches on the control board that have to be set at the initial setup but should have nothing to do with the on position of the thermostat.