Question about gas furnace I inspected yesterday

There is one gas furnace in this brand new 2 story townhome. The furnace is located in a lower attic on the 2nd level. I tested the unit and it was operating normally. I turned the thermostat down below the current temperature in the house and the unit shut off (fan is set to “auto”)…Later on I noticed that on 2 different occasions the fan came on the unit and would shut off after a while. I wrote it up as a defect, but started to think this morning that maybe the furnace fan comes on to keep air circulating in this 2 story unit in order to equalize the temperatures upstairs and down…Is it possible that this is normal behavior and is a factory setting for newer furnaces that service 2 different levels?

Fans are set on “on” or “automatic”
They run only as needed.
You may be over thinking.

Yes it is normal it is wants get all the resident heat out of the unit .

The furnace fan can also be hooked up to a timer which is very common in my area especially with the new energy standards. Was there one of the dial / timer controls in the 2nd level or even attached to the furnace?

Now there you go getting the poor guy all worked up again Stephen…:slight_smile:

Thanks…I have never experienced the fan running this long after it had shutdown. It completely shutdown and then 15 minutes later the fan came on and then shutdown by itself after running for about 5 minutes…another 10 minutes go by and the fan comes on again and did the same thing

Stoopid question, but… are you sure it was the HVAC and not the Air Exchanger that started up?