"Thorn in my side" Air Conditioner

I have often thought that A/C’s that do not shut off when room temperature is 4 to 6 degrees below the themostat setting are obviously wired wrong - two or three room wall units used to always shut off the fan. The last five years I have notice far more that will not shut off the fan even when the condenser is not running. Is this an Air Conditioner virus (joke) or are these units intended to make me get out of my “Lazy-Boy” to shut the fan off?

Seperate fan control timers are becoming the big thing here on the west side. They are hidden everywhere. In the house, on the interior unit, in closets. I have found them in a variety of areas. They are wired directly to the main fan and you can set the on/off times to vary according to the homeowners schedule. They are independent of the thermostat fan controls. If the fan won’t turn off, start hunting. Treat it like an Easter Egg hunt with a psycho dad hiding the eggs. :margarit:

Yea, that is one kind. I am specifically speaking of “wall” units like those that are often found in motel rooms. I have just acquired a new apartment - not even grass or landscaping around the place yet. Heat is provided by baseboard heaters and the A/C is this brand new unit that is self contained and mounted in the wall just below the picture window. I would be surprised if a fan switch was hidden somewhere - is it possible with this type of unit?

The only ones that shut off the fan, have an energy savings setting.

It is best if the fan keeps running, just noisy.

I was under the impression that constant movement of air was more efficient then constant cycling of oversize units. Oversize units from what I read cycle to often and don’t cool the living spaces completely…

Aren’t new homes using slightly “undersized” installations to be energy efficient and reduce wear on equipment??

We need some HVAC people here…:smiley:

Patrick and David - you may have hit on it. The compressor is going to cycle regardless of fan operation, except if the fan is on continuously i can imagine much more even temperatures. Thanks for the thoughts - I’ll get ear plugs (or double-up on my “happy pill”.)

David is an HVAC people and his answer was correct.

We have numerous HVAC people in here but everytime they answer one of these probing question correctly they tend to get a sled load of S**T from those who asked the question in the first place and get other responses like “That’s what I was taught at HI school and they should know.” That is only one possible reason some do not answer questions anymore.

Okay. Matter closed. Thanks to all.

I agree, they should. However…:roll: :roll:

David is correct agian,:slight_smile: check your unit for any enegry saving setting.
What is the make and model of the unit?

Okay Gents. After removing the cover I found a very visable switch labled
“cont.” & “Cycle”. When I moved the switch to Cycle, it turns on and off with the fan.

I don’t know - was I just insulted by you GUYS? What is this “They should know.” I could have look it up but thought I would try to get a quick answer - but then I wasn’t sure that the first provider understood the question and was simply looking for a “yes-your unit could have a switch.” In the future we should not ask questions that we either can look up or should know - right? So, I guess this medium is for non-professionals who don’t know EVERYTHING.

Dennis, I enjoyed not only your question but the response’s as well. Some of these guys can be a little cranky, do not let it bother you.:smiley:

Some of the HVAC guys think cooling air is Nuclear Science :twisted: :wink:

My response to “they should know” was directed toward the HI schools (and some vocational schools around here) who should know, but seemingly do not. Some of the information they give to their students is…uhh… “somewhat incorrect”.

I could tell you stories…

Jae, are you running for office?:stuck_out_tongue:

I am off to the Air Conditioned Ball Park. Chilled water air conditioning at that.:slight_smile:

Go Diamond Backs.

Go **REDS ****-- **[size=2]oh, well—nevermind…:frowning: :frowning: [/size]


Interesting how written words can be misunderstood - especially if the wife is nagging at you when you’re trying to put together a meaningful comment (but that’s another subject.) Glad you clarified as I wouldn’t want to think less of you if you hadn’t earned it. Thank care.

Thanks for keeping it cool.