Far-flung fossils give UF researchers global warming clues

My take on this is that the ice caps have melted many times in the past .

*"University of Florida geochemist Andrea Dutton and her colleagues traveled halfway around the world and peered 125,000 years back in time to find clues about how melting polar ice sheets in the future could impact coastal cities in the U.S.

What they discovered from the fossil record on the islands of Seychelles, an Indian Ocean archipelago nation 900 miles off the coast of eastern Africa, could sound a clarion call for those cities. The fossils showed that much of the coastal lands were underwater, triggered by a rise in sea level caused mostly by a collapse of the Antarctic ice sheets."*

The rest of the story…

Yep, evidence suggests there were a few periods when the ice caps retreated and caused a dramatic rise in sea levels, but I wouldn’t worry about it. 97% of scientists believe we are in a global warming period which will continue but that still leaves 3% of scientists which suggest the opposite, take away the 1% who aren’t sure we still have a 50 to 1 chance global warming is a liberal myth perpetrated by Diane Feinstein and Lady Gaga.

That is untrue.

How many times do I have to explain that to you warmists.

It’s refuted over and over.

Well at least I got the Lady Gaga part right.

You also got the Dianne Feinstein part right Paul!

Yeah, so what’s Mike’s problem?

Thanks for not paying attention AGAIN:roll::roll:

Pure baloney

mikeys problem is twofold.

  1. Facts.
  2. Reality

Yet another study confirms the “overwhelming” scientific consensus on climate change

The Myth of the Climate Change '97%'
What is the origin of the false belief—constantly repeated—that almost all scientists agree about global warming?

Believe what you want but try to wake up.

Depending on how the data is gathered the 97% agreement number is disputed based on deniers citing the small amount scientists who actually answered a loaded question on climate change, its under 100 scientists and supposedly only certain scientists who had published papers citing their interpreted data proving man induced climate change.
Problem is both sides of the argument are using different statistics to prove their claim.

If we were to survey if zombies exist we could find enough people in Haiti who claim they saw a zombie, give them a short quiz and with a high probably determine zombies are real, the same quiz in Wisconsin would have far fewer people claiming zombies are real, although if we asked them if the moon were made of cheese a majority of Wisconsin natives would agree it is, far fewer Minnesota residents would say the moon is made of cheese.

Fact is the majority of climatologists do agree man made climate changes are happening. The deniers use graphs and charts to argue against this premise but the evidence for change is empirical.

I say lets wait and see as time will tell.

And that sir is all I have ever said.

Too many here will believe what ever they are told that conforms to the current meme being promoted.

They have little ability to think for themselves.:stuck_out_tongue: