It is happening, no stopping it.

I know some of you still don’t believe it.
Thats called “Sticking your head in the sand”.

Who cares?

It’s been happening for thousands of years - hence no more ice age.

Baloney money maker for some

Global warming is scam they even had to change the name to climate change. With the new name you can never be wrong. It’s like betting on your favorite to team to win or lose. Ever time you win. Liberals have never gotten one thing right in history. The media promotes this just like they promoted someone that is unqualified to flip burgers to be president. Don’t ever underestimate the media they will lie cheat and sell there soul if they have one to get there message out. Since liberals have wrong about everything in the past it is likely that in the future we will have cooler than typical temperatures then with the name climate change they would still be right.

I don’t understand people who sit around worrying about things that they can’t change. Nature finds a balance. When mother nature has had enough of us, we’ll be gone. We’re powerless to stop it. Some plague will be thawed and wipe us all out. The earth was fine before we arrived, it’ll be fine after we’re gone. Then the cats will take over.

Exactly… Mother Nature will ALWAYS have her way.

If the ice is melting away then why is Obama calling for more Ice Breakers?

I have a candidate for Cat President

Try this:

You’re anthropomorphizing “Mother Nature” of course.
Mother Nature is about as real as The Easter Bunny.

The climate on this planet has changed before of course without humans.
However most intelligent people believe that we are causing the changing this time.
Really this whole thing is about our love of the status quo.

We’ve been enjoying pretty stable weather during recorded human history.
Now things are changing rapidly and that is going to upset the 7 billion humans on this planet.
We’re going to see some really negative impacts to our way of life and civilization.

Now you can of course say, “thats fine” and “whatever” and “who cares”.
That’s your prerogative.

But if we created this mess then we can work on trying to reverse it as well.
A lot of the damage has already been done and I don’t think we have the will
to do what is necessary to change. So, IMHO our civilization will be very different in 40 or 50 years.

Well some of us intelligent people think you are full of crap.

Tell me when you get at least 60% of the 6.7+ Billion others not populating America to get on board with your quest, and then maybe I’ll give a sh*t.

Sure am glad you guys aren’t running things…
50% of the worlds animals have gone extinct in the last 40 or so years. If you don’t believe we’re having an impact on the environment perhaps your grand children will have a few questions for this generation.
That of course is, if we are here to talk about it.

You really need to learn how to read.:roll::roll:

My goodness Rick!
I agree with you!

I’m glad I don’t have children cuz this is not going to be pretty.
Yeah, we’ve had wars and famines and earthquakes and storms before to deal with.
You factor in even a one meter sea level rise and it will devastate our civilization.

First off… you’re comparing bananas to lemons!
Secondly… no one ever said we weren’t impacting the earth or its environment, and, your grand children will never see any significant result of said ‘harm’.
Thirdly… there’s not a damned thing anyone can do that will have a positive effect in changing the course that mother earth has chosen to turn. Whether we caused it or not, we are in the stages of another “age”!

If it happens all at once which is not likely.

Everything is fine for the foreseeable future.

The real problem with the whole world is that there are just way too many people.

And this is how nature corrects itself!