Farsetta vs. Thornberry. The Great Inspection Debate in NJ. Hot PIC...

Joe Farsetta, Nick Gromicko, and P. Nathan Thornberry after the www.InspectorBoost.com Great Debate on October 23, 2012.

Based on the picture alone, I would have said it was a battle of Oompa Loompas… :mrgreen:

The right honorable Joseph Farsetta…

Ok how much did that cost you Nick! LOL

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Keep dreaming, P Diddy. I pretty much wiped the floor with you.

I had your sorry *** against the ropes, and you damned well know it.

In the future, when you make claims, try and remember that there may be someone in the audience that won’t drink the Koolaid.

By the way, I look forward to you producing those actuarials you said we’re so easy to get.

Based on after-the-presentation commentary, I thnk that MANY members and inspectors would be surprised to learn what I learned abut your views and experience. The commentary from several inspectors was that they thought our exchange was, initially, a set up. They quickly realized it wasn’t.

Impressions from several we’re that Nick was passionate, I was passionate, and that you were a huge sales pitch.

Tell me again who my customer is?

Let’s not confuse where the inspector’s responsibility lies. And, be sure and remember to tell those inspectors with the reputation of being too thorough or hard to arrange my narratives and commentary in such a way to make the realtor more comfortable with their reports and their willingness to refer them.

You do this in the name of marketing…


In an audience of experienced inspectors, I shred your sorry-*** argument in my sleep.

As I told you, you have some decent products. Stick to selling them based on their merits, and stop pretending you care about our members, or that you own the place.

Like I said, I’ll debate you any place and any time.

He is just a new york Yankee not hard to do:p

I wish I could have heard the debate. It’s a good subject.
Perhaps Mr Thornberry could share with us his side so we
on the forum could enjoy the debate. It sounds like fun.

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Shrek and Shrek Jr.

If I had known there was going to be dwarf tossing, I would have flown out for this one…:wink:

Is he still marketing his alleged “Independent” Arbitrator service as…???

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Joe Farsetta (New York)
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Do you want to know what someone in my family thought about your $100.00 Bill Nathan?
“It looks like the character from** MAD **magazine and he can’t be that good an Inspector if he cant even put his face in the middle of the fake bill.” LOL

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Ha ha …you guys crack me up.

Can’t take the heat get out of the line of fire!
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Kevin, where did you get those PICs of Nathan?

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