NACHI and MB Shenanigans

This site is now controversy free.

All discussions of ethics and vendors has been removed from the publics eyes.

Missing in the “from the NACHI message board” is any hint of controversy.

Freedom dies yet again and the public looses.

Uh, wrong. No posts were deleted. No posts were edited. No posts were censored. No posts were moderated.

The discussions on ethics where moved to the forum dedicated to ethics which is an open-to-all forum available to the “public’s eye.” Routine housekeeping, just like when we move roofing threads out of the plumbing forum and over to the roofing forum. Funny you never noticed those, isn’t it?

Despites Nicks claim, you will no longer find the posts he mentioned on the “from the message Board” section of

Wrong again. The “From the message board” list only displays the most recent 15 threads. If you look at the date/time of the first post of each of those threads, you will note that the threads you seek aren’t amongst the 15 most recent. There have been more than 15 new threads started by your fellow members since then. All 15 are there.

Will you apologize for your false accusation now?

He has done a lot, today, to help the alarm systems sales industry promote home inspectors to sell them private information about clients.

In addition to his revision to the code of ethics that makes it acceptable to sell client information to third party solicitors and telemarketers … he has deleted the NACHI vendor ad policy that required vendors to be honest and to disclose their legitimacy. It was written in the wake of the Mike Napadow scandal where another dishonest and unethical vendor ripped off home inspectors across the United States.

Then, he shuffled a few threads around, as you pointed out.

There is a lot of money to be made in the sale of private information and that seems to be the marketing direction that InterNACHI is wanting to take its members.

Home inspectors who want to set themselves apart from inspectors who sell client information to third party solicitors and telemarketers are participating and promoting the Client Fidelity Pledge.

They are signing a notarized affidavit promising NOT to sell client information to ANYONE in exchange for ANYTHING and are also promising NOT to add any language to their agreements to assist telemarketers in bypassing any “no call” lists their clients may have signed up for.

For more information about the client fidelity pledge, visit .

This thread does appear there.

It is what it is.

The list only updates once every two hours. This thread will be there and the oldest of the current 15 threads will get pushed off the bottom of the list. No one here has anything to do with that. It’s all done automatically around the clock.

Will you apologize for your false accusation now?

Michael, will you apologize for your false accusations now?

Funny how there not a single controversial thread on that list

Michael? Will you apologize, yes or no?

I don’t make the list. You and your fellow members do. Maybe it’s just that you focus on controversy and the rest of the members have other things to discuss. You only realized this when I explained that the threads you like to focus on are so buried under other, newer threads that they’ve fallen of the list.

Now, will you apologize? Yes or no?

Michael? Will you apologize for your false accusations? Yes or no?


Well, Michael?

Off to bed.

Without apologizing?



Yes it does, because it is more recent than those other threads.

Will you apologize now?

Hello, Michael?